Olympian Model O1

Olympian Model 01

It's time to drive exquisite and elegant cars.

Not boring, mainstream, so called 'futuristic' cars that legacy automakers have pushed for decades.

Olympian cars provide higher aesthetic standards and elevated quality.

The Olympian Operating System provides full data privacy, data ownership, and data security.

Olympian O1, our flagship vehicle, is dedicated to great entrepreneurs, artists and scientists.


Olympian O1 sets the perfect balance of nature, minimalism, aesthetics.

It's designed so you can enjoy, relax, breathe and find comfort in today's fast-paced world.

Feel the Olympian experience. It's more than just a car.


The perfect balance of nature, minimalism, and aesthetics.

Find comfort. Have your space. Relax. Decompress.

Exclusive. High-end. Aesthetic. Minimalist.

Feel the Olympian experience. It's more than just a car.

Olympian Model O1

Increased Impact Protection

  • In the event an impact does occur, Olympian is designed to keep you safe and secure. Superior construction leads to superior protection, so Olympian's frame is built of military-grade carbon fiber and titanium for solid structural rigidity.
  • The cabin surrounds passengers with up to nine airbags — and can accommodate two car seats with anchors in the rear. Even the Glass Canopy and windows are laminated, so they won't shatter easily or break into large pieces.
  • And, the best-case scenario is avoiding accidents in the first place. That's why we strategically positioned the battery pack to improve handling.
Olympian Model O1

Ultimate Safety

  • Ultimate safety standards with titanium and military-grade carbon fiber.
  • Olympian is designed — first and foremost — to do what's right for the safety of its passengers. This guiding principle goes beyond simply complying with regulations.
  • With Olympian, you can feel safe and secure.
Olympian Model O1

Powered by Olympian Operating System

  • A radically simplified driver experience.
  • Military-grade data privacy and security.
  • Augmented Reality HUD on windshield replaces invasive 2D display screens.
  • Removed 80% of buttons and switches in a typical driver cockpit.
  • “Voice first” Command & Control.
  • Enhanced edge computing capabilities.


Olympian vehicles achieve a luxurious minimalist interior that only adds to their allure. Today's interior automotive design requires a connection to the outside world, and we believe that 2D display screens and excessive buttons and switches are unnecessary. Instead, we combine advanced technology with natural elements to achieve a relaxing environment.

Olympian Model O1 Interior


Olympian vehicles achieve seamless functionality and simplicity.

We solve the problem of today's over-complicated and crowded cockpits. Olympian provides a simple, natural, and intuitive UX.

Olympian Model O1

No Display Screens

  • We are surrounded by screens all day long, from our phones to tablets, to laptops. Do we need to stare at yet another screen? Instead, we use augmented reality HUD.
Olympian Model O1

Quality Materials

  • Olympian features the finest sustainably and responsibly sourced materials including exotic woods, steel, cashmere and silk. We avoid cheap plastics, veneer and toxic chemicals.


Olympian O1 provides strong performance and
battery capabilities.




0 - 60 mph




*Top Speed








*Battery Size

Olympian O1 in dim light

Olympian O1 Details


Olympian caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life and celebrate beauty in all forms with style, independence, and taste.

Olympian Model O1


  • Olympian vehicles are for individuals who create their own paths. We created a brand for individual-thinkers, not conformists. For those who invent, not imitate.
Olympian Model O1


  • Olympian customers seek pleasurable experiences to nourish their souls. They feel free on the road away from the distractions of daily life. When they encounter something novel, something unknown and unexpected, they achieve an increased sense of creativity and self-awareness.
Olympian Model O1

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