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Olympian Motors, Inc.

Olympian Motors is an American automotive and technology company, based in New York.

  • We are manufacturing modular electric vehicles for the U.S. light-passenger vehicle market.
  • An emerging competitor to Tesla, Rivian & Lucid.
  • Series A Round (2024)




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(May, 2024)


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Model O1 x Prototype

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York

Investor Rationale

Disruptive and ambitious EV startup with a unique design approach and modular vehicle technology

  • Olympian manufactures passenger electric vehicles with an innovative modular system (MVDS)
  • Targeting 7% market share in the U.S. automotive market by 2030
  • Olympian primarily focuses on major metropolitan areas across United States.
Olympian Model O1 electric vehicle

Innovative Modular Vehicle & Drivetrain System (MVDS)

  • We engineered 'Olympian MVDS': Built on 4-core-hardware and 2-software modules
  • 80% reduction in tooling & machinery costs
  • 60% faster production-lead-time compared to legacy automakers
  • Game-changing battery efficiency in urban areas with our advanced T-Prismatic LFP modules

Olympian MVDS:

Modular Vehicle Drivetrain System

Key Traction & Milestones

  • 357 Paid Pre-orders
  • $29M pre-booked revenue
  • Commercial Launch in Q4/2024 in NY and CA
  • Current Production Capacity (Q4/2024): 320 vehicles
  • Estimated Production Capacity (Q4/2025): 24,000 vehicles
  • Modular EV Production Facilities: Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York and Michigan Central, Detroit
Olympian Model O1 electric vehicle

Key Metrics

Olympian EV Shipments (Units)

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Our Team

We are a team of engineers, builders and makers.


CEO & Chief Engineer



Head of Vehicle Engineering



Head of Drivetrain



Strategy & Operations Lead



Product and Data Engineer



Mechanical Engineer



Operations & Marketing Chief



Technical Advisor

Model O1 Prototype in Brooklyn Navy Yard

Game Changing Battery Efficiency With T-Prismatic LFT modules

Olympian batteries have more volumetric energy density and higher battery cell capacity, compared to regular block type prismatic cells in the industry. We increased battery space utilization by 40%, compared to traditional LFP block batteries.

Battery Efficiency of Electric Vehicle OEMs

(Intracity miles/kWh, 2023, United States)

Why Olympian Motors?

Unique Investment Opportunity

Olympian Motors is a unique, early-stage investment opportunity, well positioned at the forefront of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Experience-first electric vehicles

Olympian electric vehicles have a distinctive design and driver experience compared to standard cars.

Pioneering Modular Electric Vehicles

Olympian engineered an innovative Modular Vehicle & Drivetrain System (MVDS) to build Lego-like EVs.

Accelerated Production

Olympian built 60% faster production-lead-time compared to legacy automakers.

Experienced Team

Olympian has a strong and high-caliber team, backed by multinational investors and partners.

Reduced Tooling & Machinery Costs

Olympian achieved 75-80% reduction in tooling, machinery, fitment & labor costs.

Competitive Battery Efficiency

Olympian’s t-prismatic batteries provide highly efficient battery consumption rates compared to Tesla Model 3, Rivian R1S and Lucid Air.

Rebuilding competitive manufacturing in the U.S.

Olympian is bringing agility, speed and cost-efficiency back to the American automotive industry.

Investor Testimonials

Adam Kinney


I want an EV built with the priorities listed on your site. I don't need tons of horsepower or to look like I'm in a bubble. I want a great user experience. And I think a lot of other people want this as well.

Peter Hildebrandt

Boston Consulting Group

I have loved Electric cars since I drove the first Tesla roadster and I’ve loved James Bond since I was six years old. And I love cars. Talk about a winning combination!

Gibrán Rivera

Biotech Investor

Commitment to the environment, impressed by the technology and appreciating the aesthetic of the design. I could see myself owning one of our vehicles in the future.

Sam Silvers

Reunited Ventures

Olympian has been on my radar since Y-Combinator’s first investment. Their art-deco EVs are brilliant. I took test drives in NYC last month, and Model O1, in particular, captures strong mid-century modern vibes with a James-Bond touch. I’m impressed by both founders. They are ambitious and possess deep technical expertise. Their new ‘Lego-EV‘ system accelerates production by 4-5X. With upcoming launches in NY and CA, it will be interesting to watch Olympian in the next 12 months. I’m investing again because electric vehicles are the future, and Olympian Motors could be a sensational story in that future. I’m excited.

Shepherd King

Manufacturing Founder

I love the innovation and faster production times, as long time to market has plagued the electric car industry in spades. But I also really like the classic / retro design of the cars and the fact that you're using wood and metal on the interiors.

Debby Yacoub

I appreciate the modular construction and the unique aesthetics of your vehicles. I also appreciate that these are made in the US.

Arnie Alger

CFO at Boomanity Corp

Its really not because I am enamored by electric vehicles, but I love your idea of the modular concept. And I love the look of the vehicles. It seems you have a great team which is important. I am an executive with an AR start-up and it is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of patience. Good luck.

Ibrahim Hill

UC Berkeley

I am interested in helping innovative companies that are doing things to help humanity, like this innovative vehicle electrification company.

Keith Freeman

Global Payments Inc. 

I invested because the modular concept and the aesthetic design both intrigue me. Future forward.

Aleksander Prudnik

I’m a big fan of the concept of modularity. I truly believe it’s going to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry. Also, I’d like to take this moment to give a shout-out to the founders. Keep crushing it!

Randy Stringer

Giant Magellan Telescope

The innovative modular manufacturing and speed to market. This suggests a potential to more rapidly deploy additional models, capitalizing on the aesthetics of EV - which have been lacking in the first generations.

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