Olympian Journey

Olympian Motors is an American automotive and technology company. Olympian is founded in 2021 as New York’s first electric vehicle manufacturer.

We build sensational electric vehicles that change the staid, boring rules of the automotive industry.

Our vehicles are dedicated to entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and great minds.

As of today, we are operating across our Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY, Malibu, CA, and Detroit, MI locations.

Aesthetics Bridge

Our Priorities

  • Aesthetics over standardized designs

  • Experience over horsepower

  • Class over torque

  • Simplicity over invasive display screens

  • Steel and wood over plastics

  • Sustainable materials over toxic chemicals

  • Silence over noise

electric cars

We bring aesthetics, color and lifestyle back.

Olympian blends timeless design, minimalism and nature.

Experience Olympian: Drive steel, touch wood, and protect nature.

Company Overview

Manufacturing electric vehicles

  • We focus on the light passenger-vehicle market
  • Our objective is a 7% market share in the U.S. by 2030

Reinventing car manufacturing in the U.S. with our innovative modular EV system

  • The proprietary Olympian Modular Vehicle/Drivetrain System (MVDS) hosts 4 core hardware + 2 software modules
  • 80% reduction in tooling and machinery costs
  • 50% faster-production-lead time

Commercial launch in late 2024 in California and New York

  • Test-drives have already started in Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Olympian EVs are currently available to order in CA, NY, CT, FL, NV, and TX

Our Vehicles

Olympian Model O1

Model O1

Segment: Sedan

Base Price: $80K

*Battery Range: 250 miles (402 km)

System: Android Auto OS, QNX

Recycled & Eco-Friendly Parts: 2.5%

Available to purchase: CA, NY, CT, FL, NV and TX

Olympian Model 84

Model 84

Segment: SUV

Base Price: $80K

*Battery Range: 240 miles (386 km)

System: Android Auto OS, QNX

Recycled & Eco-friendly Parts: 2.9%

Available to purchase: NY, CA

The Olympian Modular Vehicle & Drivetrain (MVDS)

Both Olympian Model O1 and Model 84 share the same modular vehicle and drivetrain system ('MVDS').

Advanced MVDS modular chassis enables us to build a Lego-like, manufacturing and supply-chain.

The MVDS provides Olympian with strong cost efficiency and production-lead-time advantages, compared to traditional automakers.

Olympian MVDS: Modular Vehicle Drivetrain System

Game Changing Battery Efficiency With T-Prismatic LFT modules

Olympian batteries have more volumetric energy density and higher battery cell capacity, compared to regular block type prismatic cells in the industry. We increased battery space utilization by 40%, compared to traditional LFP block batteries.


Olympian Motors is dedicated to creating the most environmentally responsible vehicles of the 21st century.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: We prioritize using post-industrial recycled (PIR) materials, carbon-sequestered polyketone, bio-based polyurethane in Olympian vehicles.

SUPERIOR BATTERY EFFICIENCY: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our highly efficient battery consumption rates in urban areas. Olympian O1 prototypes have achieved superior miles/kwh battery efficiency compared to existing electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 (2022) and Rivian Model R1T (2022).

We are leading the industry towards a cleaner, greener, sustainable future.

Nature and Minimalism

Inspired by the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, we diligently combine nature with minimalism in Olympian electric cars.

Our company collaborates with exclusive suppliers and uses cutting-edge material technology to provide a unique driving and in-vehicle experience.

We let Olympian drivers and passengers feel a sense of serenity in today's fast-paced world. Because less is more.

Our Bases

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York
  • Test-drives, prototyping, tooling, CNC, Metal/Wood Processing, 3D Printing, painting, final assembly and infotainment software/OS module development.
  • Technology & IP development partnerships with mobility and engineering companies in the Navy Yard

Michigan Central, Detroit (Q4/2023)

Michigan Central, Detroit (Q4/2023)
  • Cross-collaboration with Tier-1 and Tier-2 ODMs, contract manufacturers, component suppliers, quality control, testing and engineering partners.

Our Team

We are a team of engineers, builders and makers.


CEO & Chief Engineer



Head of Vehicle Engineering



Head of Drivetrain



Strategy & Operations Lead



Product and Data Engineer



Mechanical Engineer



Operations & Marketing Chief



Technical Advisor

Olympian O1 in Santa Monica
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