Electric. Modular. Aesthetic.

  • Next-gen electric vehicles by Olympian Motors.
  • Timeless and brave designs built with an open, modular electric vehicle technology.
  • Olympian is creating an efficient, sustainable and aesthetic future for all. With our novel modular vehicle production, we are pioneering the change in the American automotive industry.

Inspired by nature.

Olympian Model O1
Aesthetics Bridge

Our Priorities

  • Aesthetics over standardized designs

  • Experience over horsepower

  • Class over torque

  • Simplicity over invasive display screens

  • Steel and wood over plastics

  • Sustainable materials over toxic chemicals

  • Silence over noise

Olympian Models // 2024

Olympian Model O1

Model O1

starting from $80,000

Olympian Model O1

Model 84

starting from $80,000

Olympian Model O1

Model 01




0 - 60 mph




*Top Speed








*Battery Size

Open, modular, decentralized electric vehicle manufacturing

Modular vehicle architecture

Bringing simplicity to vehicle, E/E, hardware and software architecture.

Reduced tooling & machinery costs

Olympian's open, modular EV changes the conventional car manufacturing process.

Decentralized Production

Olympian is building a decentralized network of manufacturing locations across the U.S.

Olympian OMEV Platform

Creating a next-gen mobility and device ecosystem with our tech partners

Aiming for fewer than 100 days from order-to-delivery

In 2024, only available in California, New York, Connecticut, Washington, Florida.

Less is more

Serene and minimalist car experience.

Olympian Model 01 and Model 84

Our vehicles are dedicated to entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and all great minds.

Timeless journeys,

Olympian Model O1

Endless sunsets.

Olympian Model O1

Away from distracting screens,

Olympian Model O1

Experience, feel and connect.

Olympian Model O1

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