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Our Story

Olympian Motors is a new-age electric vehicle company, based in New York, founded in 2021. 

Olympian vehicles fuse timeless designs with an all-electric drivetrain. We reject today’s over-standardized car designs and provide a serene driving experience.

We engineered the Olympian MVDS (Modular Vehicle/Drivetrain System) to reinvent traditional automotive manufacturing by minimizing tooling/machinery expenses and reducing production lead times. 

Olympian is disrupting the status quo and transforming the American automotive industry to create a more productive, sustainable and aesthetic future for all.

Our Priorities

  • Aesthetics over standardized designs
  • Experience over horsepower
  • Class over torque
  • Simplicity over invasive display screens
  • Steel and wood over plastics
  • Sustainable materials over toxic chemicals
  • Silence over noise

Olympian Motors - Model O1

Inspired by nature. Modular EV Architecture. Zero-emission.


Olympian 01
Olympian 01
Olympian 01


Olympian caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life and celebrate beauty in all forms with style, independence, and taste.
Olympian 01


Olympian vehicles are for individuals who create their own paths. We created a brand for individual-thinkers, not conformists. For those who invent, not imitate.

Olympian 01
Olympian 01
Olympian 01


Olympian customers seek pleasurable experiences to nourish their souls. They feel free on the road – away from the distractions of daily life. When they encounter something novel, something unknown and unexpected, they achieve an increased sense of creativity and self-awareness.

Less is more.

Olympian provides a simplistic in-vehicle driving experience.

No more distractive display screens and excessive buttons.

Olympian 01


An Olympian vehicle puts your mind at ease from the first moment you see it. Olympian offers a different ethos, from the unique shape and color of the body to the exquisite and sustainable materials employed in the interior. Olympian Motors offers you pleasure and tranquility.

User Experience

Complicated dashboards and giant tablet screens distract from the exciting world around you. Olympian brings a simple but enhanced driver and passenger experience with the Olympian Operating System (OOS). Advanced data privacy protection and safety measures are built into the OOS.


Olympian’s design ethos is centered on functional minimalism. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, we start with natural inspiration and seek out beauty. We transform the driving experience into a serene adventure, where less is more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Olympian cars are 100% electric. Powered by leading drivetrain & battery capabilities and enabled by minimalistic Olympian OS, infotainment, voice-AI and augmented reality systems.

The base price is $80,000 for the U.S, Canada and China.

You can early reserve now for $500.   As of November/2023, only 82 early-reserve slots are remaining for Olympian Model O1.

You can sign up to invest now. Our team will share the further details with you accordingly.

If you’re representing a VC/PE fund or family office, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Do you have an

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