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Olympian caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life and celebrate beauty in all forms with style, independence, and taste.
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Olympian vehicles are for individuals who create their own paths. We created a brand for individual-thinkers, not conformists. For those who invent, not imitate.
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Olympian customers seek pleasurable experiences to nourish their souls. They feel free on the road – away from the distractions of daily life. When they encounter something novel, something unknown and unexpected, they achieve an increased sense of creativity and self-awareness.

Pitch Deck

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What makes
Olympian Unique

Olympian prioritizes aesthetics over horsepower, pleasure over torque, silence over noise, nature over chemicals, and personalization over commoditization.
Our unique approach encompasses timeless design, minimalistic interior, high-quality, sustainable and natural materials, and a deep sense of tranquillity.

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An Olympian car puts your mind at ease from the first moment you see it. Olympian offers a different state of mind, from the unique shape and color of the body to the exquisite sustainable materials used throughout the interior. Olympian Motors offers you a pleasure and tranquillity.
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Olympian puts functional minimalism at its core when designing high-quality vehicles. Inspired by the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, we combine natural inspiration with the acknowledgement of beauty. We want our customers to feel a sense of serenity. Less really is more.

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User Experience

Diverting your attention from complicated dashboards, buttons and giant tablet screens to the world around you. We bring simplicity but enhanced driver and passenger experience by Olympian Operating System.

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Olympian Motors is building the most elegant electric vehicles of the 21st century. We blend the unique timeless design, minimalism, nature, and user privacy with top-quality sustainable materials. We build ‘experience-first’ vehicles.


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